How much does a fishing boat cost? Factors affecting the cost of a fishing boat

How much does a fishing boat cost? Are you an angler looking to explore fishing waters? Whether you’re a professional or a weekend warrior, purchasing the right boat for your needs is essential. Purchasing a fishing boat can be expensive, so it’s important to know the factors affecting the cost of fishing boats.

How much does a fishing boat cost? Factors affecting the cost of a fishing boat

How much does a fishing boat cost? Factors affecting the cost of a fishing boat

In this blog post, Scott Ewart will dive deep into the average cost of a fishing boat. We’ll also talk about the different kinds of boats you can buy and give you tips on how to choose the one that fits your boating lifestyle best.

How much does a fishing boat cost?

How much does a fishing boat cost?

How much does a fishing boat cost?

The cost of a fishing boat depends on a variety of factors, including the type of boat, its size, and its style. New fishing boats can range in price from a few thousand dollars for an inflatable dinghy to thousands of dollars for large motor yachts. Used vessels are usually less expensive than new ones, but their condition and age can factor into the total cost. Now, we look more deeply about “how much does a good fishing boat cost”.

Prices of various size of fishing boat

Prices of various size of fishing boat 

Prices of various size of fishing boat

Smaller fishing boat (16–20 feet)

These vessels will be powered by a single motor. They’ll come with all the necessary fishing gear, like rod holders, an optional bunker, essential electronic appliances.

If you’re looking for a mid-range boat in this area, the price tag can range anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000 depending on what features you’d like included. From additional trailers and electric poles to whatever else your heart desires.

Medium fishing boat (21–25 feet)

Medium-sized boats typically range from 21 to 25 feet long. They come with multiple fishing chairs, live bait wells, cutting board stations, and may even boast a cabin. This category includes fishing boats with basic offshore capabilities. Boats under 24 feet typically feature a single engine.

However, models that measure between 24 and 25 feet often come with an additional motor. This size range can be quite pricey and will generally cost you anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.

Large fishing boat (26–30 feet)

This size offers increased offshore capabilities, a lot more space, multiple motors, and even a few sleeping quarters. Large boats can cost you anywhere from $150,000 to upwards of $300,000+, depending on features and engines. This pricing level includes full-size electronics, hard tops, outriggers, and limitless amenities. Trailers in this category may get pricey.

Extra-large fish boat (30+ feet)

When it comes to extra-large fishing boats that are 30 to 70 feet long, anything goes. Generally speaking, these vessels are equipped with multiple motors, a range of luxury amenities. From a price point of $200,000 to $450,000+, one can find an array of fishing vessels ideal for long-term offshore use.

Boats within this range will offer trip engines, autopilots, and other high-tech electronic systems. They can make the experience both sophisticated and enjoyable. Those who like center consoles or cuddy cabins still have a lot of choices that start at around $400,000.

Prices of various styles of fishing boat

Prices of various styles of fishing boat 

Prices of various styles of fishing boat

Bass fishing boat

American bass boats are popular fishing vessels. Its main usage is bass fishing, but they also capture fish in lakes, rivers, and streams nationwide.

Saltwater fishing boats

Saltwater fishing boats

Saltwater fishing boats

These types come in a wide range of types and prices. Here are some common types:

Convertibles boat

These are usually the biggest and most expensive types of saltwater fishing boats. They offer spacious decks, multiple compartments for electronics and tackle storage, comfortable fishing chairs,… Most of the cheaper models start at around $500,000. This makes convertibles a luxury that only a small number of people can afford.

Expresses boat

Experienced captains often favor express boats over convertibles due to their larger helm decks. For example, the Grady-White 300 Express is 33 feet long and comes with Yamaha Twin Four-Stroke engines. It also has a variety of extras that can drive up the cost. Depending on options chosen during customization, this boat starts at $215,380.

Center Consoles boat

Most of the time, these are shorter than convertibles and range in length from 15 to 30 feet. They’re perfect for fishing inshore or nearshore waters. Prices for center consoles range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Types of Center Consoles


Boston Whaler 150 Montauk


Tidewater 198 CC Adventure


Sea Hunt’s Ultra series


Pontoon fishing boats

Pontoon fishing boats

Pontoon fishing boats

Pontoon fishing boats are among the most popular and affordable types of fishing boats. They are versatile, easy to use and maintain, and offer good stability and safety. Prices can vary greatly depending on the size and features, but on average you can expect to pay between $15,000 and $25,000 for a new pontoon boat.

Jon boats

Jon boats

Jon boats

Jon boats are an inexpensive and popular option for freshwater fishing. These are simple flat-bottomed boats that are easy to use, maintain, and transport. Prices for a new Jon boat can range from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the size and features included.

Kayaks fishing boat

Kayaks fishing boat

Kayaks fishing boat

Kayaks are another popular and affordable option for fishing, particularly in shallow waters. Get yourself a kayak from Walmart for only $150, and you can go fishing the same day! Storing it won’t be an issue, and its affordability makes this a great option.

If you’re an angler looking for the perfect fishing kayak, then look no further than Sun Dolphin and Pelican! Both brands offer a wide selection of excellent kayaks that range from $400 to $900. Moreover, each craft is designed with features tailored specifically to anglers in mind.

Aluminum multipurpose boat

Aluminum multipurpose boat

Aluminum multipurpose boat

If you’re in the market for a fishing boat, check out some of the most sought-after brands, such as Lund, Lowe, and Alumacraft. These boats come packed with features at an affordable price, ranging from $15,000 to $30,000 depending on which model you choose.

Prices of fishing boats based on different materials

Prices of fishing boats based on different materials

Prices of fishing boats based on different materials

Aluminum fishing boat

An aluminum fishing boat is a great choice for anglers who are looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to get out on the water. Aluminum boats tend to be lightweight and require minimal maintenance. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices, ranging from small inflatable models to large offshore vessels. Typically, smaller aluminum fishing boats cost anywhere from $10,000.

An aluminum boat is provided having a stringer assembly with curved stringer to support the boat.


Fiberglass fishing boat

Fiberglass fishing boats are often chosen by anglers who want something that will last and work well. Creating kayaks and speedboats with fiber allows for unique, tailor-made designs to be crafted. Thus, it is hard to precisely state the average cost of these vessels since they can range from $900 up to $100,000 or more!

Prices of fishing boats based on age

Prices of fishing boats based on age

Prices of fishing boats based on age

New fishing boat

  • Beginner boats ($10,000–$20,000) They are good for infrequent or budget fishers.
  • Mid-range boats ($20,000–$50,000) They are essential for weekly fishermen.
  • High-end boats ($50,000–$100,000) are the most costly. Pro anglers may buy them.

Pre-owned boats

Prices for used boats vary depending on the age, make, and condition of the boat, as well as other factors. Generally speaking, a used fishing boat that is 10-25 years old will cost anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. Boats that are 25–40 years old will cost anywhere from $2,000–15,000.

However, there is no estimated cost for this boat. So, you can consult  with your local dealers or search online to get a better idea of the cost.

And if you want to have perfect experience when going fishing, read here to know more how to prevent seasickness on a fishing boat!

Factors affecting the cost of a fishing boat

Factors affecting the cost of a fishing boat

Factors affecting the cost of a fishing boat

Standard features

The material of the hull

You can choose a hull made of aluminum or fiberglass. Aluminum hulls are more affordable, but they can corrode faster and may require more maintenance over time. Fiberglass hulls weigh less and resist corrosion better, but they come with a higher price tag.

Size of the boat

The size of the fishing boat will have an impact on the cost because larger boats take more materials and labor to build than smaller ones.

Engine size

The size of the engine will determine how much power your boat has and how fast you can go. Bigger engines tend to be more expensive, but they are also more powerful and efficient.


Some fishing boats come with built-in features like tackle boxes, rod holders, or even live bait wells. These features can add significantly to the cost of your boat.

Electronics on board

GPS units, depth sounders, and other electronic accessories can add to the cost of your boat. The more features you want on board, the higher the price will be.

Storage area

The amount of storage space available will affect the cost. More storage space means more materials used and a higher price. Even when your boat is not in use, it still needs to be taken care of. When deciding on the perfect size for a fishing boat, you should consider both available garage space and storage options.

Others problems

Fishing boat insurance

This cost is also related to the cost of a fishing boat. Fishers should be aware of the possible risks that come with operating a fishing boat. Therefore, they need to make sure they are covered by an adequate insurance policy.

Fuel costs

The amount of fuel needed to operate a fishing boat can be quite significant, and this is one of the major factors that affect the cost. You can spend about $50 for the peak season.


Maintaining a fishing boat is essential for keeping it in good condition and ensuring the safety of those on board. This can include regular cleaning, painting, and repair work. The cost of maintaining your boat can range from $200 to $400 a year.


The cost of fishing equipment, such as rods and reels, can be significant if the fisherman chooses to buy new gear. Buying second-hand equipment can help reduce the cost, although there is always a risk involved.

Vehicle for pulling

Don’t forget the fee for towing and moving. It’s clear that a boat is heavy. So, if you don’t want to see a problem right away, check the SUV or truck that will carry your boat. For the safety of your boat, it’s best to choose a big car.

Boat license for engines 9.9 HP and above

You will also require a boat license to operate your fishing boat, which can cost around $50. With the right license, you will be legally allowed to operate your fishing boat on the water.

That’s the price when we buy a longer boat. So, how much to charter a fishing boat? Read here to know a complete guide to how to buy a fishing boat

FAQs How much does a fishing boat cost?

Is gasoline for boats expensive?

The cost of fuel varies depending on which marina you choose, so it pays to do your research. Generally, a gallon of diesel runs between $3.2 and $3.9, while a gallon of regular gas costs an average of between $7.2 and $7.8.

Why do boat engines cost so much?

Boat engines have different requirements for components, lubricants, and service life. Boat parts are expensive because they can resist water. All its parts can withstand seawater corrosion.

What is a reasonable boat price?

That depends on the type and size of boat you’re looking for. A good rule of thumb is that a new, basic powerboat will be between $40,000 and $75,000, depending on the model. A good price for a used boat is between $10,000 and $20,000.

Are boat repairs expensive?

It is estimated that annual yacht upkeep accounts for 10% of the cost. It involves painting the hull annually, cleaning the deck, and renewing sails every few years. 10% of a $20,000 boat is $2,000 a year.


In short, the price of a fishing boat depends a lot on your budget and your preferences. If you’re looking for something newer with more modern features, then you can expect your costs to range from $10,000 to upwards of $50,000 or above. Additionally, bear in mind that there will be additional costs for licensing, maintenance,… Now that we’ve discussed how much a fishing boat costs, it’s time for you to get out there and decide what type of boat is best suited. Thank you for reading our post from!

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