How much is a pontoon boat? Pontoon boat accessories costs

Are you looking to purchase a pontoon boat? But you don’t know how much is a pontoon boat? Pontoon boats are growing in popularity. They can provide many great benefits, such as comfortable seating, easy maneuverability,… However, the price can vary greatly depending on the size and options of your craft.

How much is a pontoon boat? Pontoon boat accessories costs

How much is a pontoon boat? Pontoon boat accessories costs

In this blog post, Scott Ewart will discuss all of the factors that go into determining the costs of a boat. Also, we give you know pontoon boat accessories costs so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing yours.

How much is a pontoon boat?

The size, features, and quality of a pontoon boat can have a big effect on how much it costs. Here are some prices for different models of pontoon boats:

A pontoon boat having enhanced handling characteristics includes a deck, a central pontoon mounted to said deck, two outer pontoons mounted to said deck


A new pontoon boat

A new pontoon boat

A new pontoon boat

How much is a new pontoon boat? Manufacturers offer a variety of models from more cost-effective options to luxurious versions. Therefore, you can easily find something that caters to both your wants and financial means.

Shopping for a brand-new boat can range from $25,000 to over $150,000 depending on the model. You will be able to customize your boat so that it fits all of your needs perfectly. You will also get a new boat that hasn’t been used before and is free of any damage or wear and tear.

A used pontoon boat

A used pontoon boat

A used pontoon boat

Generally speaking, a major benefit of purchasing a used boat is the cost savings. Even if it has only been utilized for several seasons, its value will have decreased significantly compared to its original price tag. This makes it more affordable than buying it brand new.

You can go on a trip without worrying because every part of your boat has been tested and shown to be reliable without sacrificing quality. If you are considering buying a used boat, it is best to have it looked at by an accredited maritime surveyor first. If doing so, you can be sure it’s in top condition and ready for the water.

Pontoon boat maintenance costs

Pontoon boat maintenance costs 

Pontoon boat maintenance costs

Regular pontoon boat maintenance costs can include the following:

Cost to clean

Even though buying the supplies to clean a yacht often might seem like an expense, there are many benefits to regular boat maintenance. Not only does this stop buildup from hurting the hull and equipment, but it also makes the boat use less fuel, which saves money in the long run. Besides, we also have to spend money for winterizing the boat when winter. Here are steps on how to winterize a pontoon boat in the most detailed and easy way possible.

Cost to replace and repair the boat’s parts

Pontoon boats have many parts that need to be regularly replaced or repaired, such as the hull, propellers, steering systems, and more. As with any type of vessel, the cost of these repairs and replacements can vary greatly.

Cost to buy marine insurance

If you want to know if you need boat insurance, how much is insurance on a pontoon boat? The answer depends on the rules in your state, the way you plan to buy the boat, and where it will be stored. Depending on these things, boat insurance can help protect your finances if you have to pay for an unexpected repair. Some banks and marinas need confirmation of boat insurance. These plans’ prices depend on the coverage you want, the boat’s value, condition, and features.

Cost of engine maintenance

The cost to maintain the boat’s engine will depend on the type and size. The more powerful engines, such as outboard motors, require more frequent maintenance than other types. It’s recommended that you get a professional to assess the engine and diagnose any potential problems.

Cost of fuel

The cost of powering your pontoon boat with fuel can add up quickly, so it’s important to plan for this expense.

Cost for storage area

The length and width of the vessel will impact the cost and availability of storage space. If you plan to store the boat in your backyard or on a trailer, you’ll need to consider the costs associated with keeping it safe and secure. If you choose to store the boat in a marina, additional fees may apply. You should prepare for the cost of winterizing your boat.

Pontoon boat accessories costs

Pontoon boat accessories costs

Pontoon boat accessories costs

The cost of the equipment can vary widely depending on the type of boat one has. Here are some general costs for some popular boat accessories:


The cost of the trailer is about $2,000 to $4,000. It helps you move your boat easily from the water.

Boat covers

The cost of boat covers is about $200 to $500 for an average-sized pontoon boat. This item can help protect your boat from sun, wind, and other elements.


The cost of anchors is about $20 to $200, depending on the size, type, and weight of your pontoon boat. It helps in mooring your pontoon boat to a fixed point.

All watercraft shall carry an anchor and line of sufficient weight and length to anchor the watercraft securely.



The cost of fenders is about $50 to $100. It provides cushion, protection, and comfort for other boats and your own when tied up.

Other fees

  • Life jackets, $50-200;
  • Navigation lights, $30-400;
  • Marine radio and antenna, $150-400;
  • Water pump, $50-150; fuel tanks, $100-700;

Expenses of water sports activities

If you have a passion for watercraft activities, you can invest some money to buy equipment such as skis, wakeboards, and tow ropes. The cost of these items is about $100–$500.

Other factors influence the price of a pontoon boat

Other factors influence the price of a pontoon boat

Other factors influence the price of a pontoon boat

Size and type

Pontoons come in many sizes, and the larger models usually cost more. The same is true for the type of pontoon boat you choose—fishing boats, party boats, and luxury pontoons can all affect the cost. A boat’s passenger and storage capacity vary according to its length and width. When choosing a boat, consider how you will use it and ask your potential crew what size is best.

Material of the boat

The construction materials can also contribute to the cost of a pontoon boat. Some pontoon boats are made from aluminum, while others are constructed from wood, fiberglass,… The material of the boat will help to determine its life expectancy, as some materials are more resistant to damage than others. Onboard materials also affect expenses.

Marine-grade plywood, aluminum, vinyl, and composite wood decking support passengers and equipment. Plywood and composite wood are cheaper but need carpet, grass, or vinyl flooring, raising the expense.

The condition of the overall pontoon boat

The condition of the pontoon boat is a key factor in its price. A well-maintained pontoon will be priced higher than one that is in need of repairs. If you plan to purchase a pre-owned pontoon boat, ask questions about its maintenance history and inspection reports.

Check the pontoon tubes by pulling the boat out of the water. Check for dents, welts, or patches. This should decrease the price of used pontoon boats.

Check all the gauges, oil pressure, springs, linkages, and other mechanical parts to make sure they work well and that there are no corrosion. Inspect the deck, seats, etc. Mold and rot in wood may be expensive, so check for them.

The number of people the boat can hold

The number of people who will be on the boat is a major factor in determining the price. The more passengers you plan to take, the bigger the pontoon boat you’ll need, and the more expensive it will be. For example, if you’re looking to take up to 10 people out on a pontoon boat, you may need to look for a 10-foot pontoon boat.

The condition of motor

You should find out how many hours that engine has been used. This is a key factor in deciding if it’s worth your time and money.

If the seller can’t tell you when the boat works, the electronics on the boat will record that information. In this case, you can have a technician or experienced person check if needed.

The pontoon boat’s engine runs for 50 to 60 hours per season, that’s typical. If the engine runs for more than 100 hours, this shows that the engine has been used quite a lot.

Pros and cons of buying a pontoon boat

Pros and cons of buying a pontoon boat

Pros and cons of buying a pontoon boat


Are pontoon boats safe? Yes, pontoon boats also offer more space, comfort, and stability than other types of boats.

– Pontoon boats have great water stability. These boats are nearly impossible to capsize due to their three hulls.

– Pontoons can navigate shallow water and rugged coasts due to their small boat heights. For example, family-friendly pontoon boats have loads of storage. It helps you load a lot of items whenever you are on the water.

– Pontoons are easy to operate, so they are suitable for boat beginners.

– They require less gasoline than other boats, making them some of the most cost-effective boats.

– Besides, can you wakesurf behind a pontoon boat? Of course! This makes them ideal for a variety of activities such as fishing, swimming, or simply relaxing.


– They are also slower than other types of boats, so they may not be the best option for water sports.

– Pontoon boats have limited maneuverability and speed.

– Pontoon boats, albeit stable, can be more dangerous in heavy storms than V-hull boats.

– Pontoons plunge into big waves instead of surfing them. Pontoon boats’ height makes them difficult to transport or tie down in a storm.

– Pontoon boats handle poorly, which might be an issue if you’re attempting to fish in a narrow cove.

– The sound of the outward motor is quite loud.

How to finance your pontoon boat’s purchase

How to finance your pontoon boat's purchase

How to finance your pontoon boat’s purchase

Take part in the forum for boaters

How much is a pontoon boat cost? You can participate in this forum to learn more about pontoon boats and other topics related to financing your purchase. Here members can exchange tips on getting the best loan rate, discuss various dealers and financing companies,… Users can get advice from people who have done it before and join a network of other boaters who like the same things they do. This will help them get the most out of their pontoon boat.

Look for financial packages from dealers

Another way to finance your pontoon boat’s purchase is to look for special financing packages offered by dealers. Many dealers offer financing through special programs that may have lower interest rates or other benefits.

Use pontoon boat financing calculator

An online pontoon boat financing calculator is a great tool to use when deciding how to finance your purchase. The calculator allows you to enter the cost of the boat, the amount of money you are willing to put down, and the term of the loan. It is suitable for those who buy boats for the first time.

FAQs How much is a pontoon boat?

How long does a pontoon boat last?

The life expectancy of a pontoon boat can vary depending on the quality of construction, maintenance, and care. Properly cared for boats should last 10–15 years or longer.

How many people can fit on a 22-foot pontoon?

20- to 22-foot boats are ideal for calm lakes and rivers. Mid-sized boats seat 13 people.

Are pontoon boats secure?

Yes, they are. Boats with high guardrails are essential for keeping passengers safe from falls. Also, the stability of pontoon boats makes them ideal. With a low center of gravity and easy maneuverability, pontoon boats rarely flip over while on the water.

Do pontoon boats consume a lot of fuel?

No, most pontoon boats have a fuel-efficient engine and can cover long distances with little fuel. When cruising, pontoon boats use approximately 5 gallons of fuel per hour. A five-hour boat journey necessitates 25 gallons of fuel in order to reach the desired destination.


To sum up, how much is a pontoon boat? A pontoon boat can vary greatly in price depending on the size, features, and extras that you choose for your boat. Generally speaking, an entry-level pontoon boat will start around $20,000 and can go up to well over $60,000 or higher. Investing in a quality pontoon boat could be the perfect way to get out and enjoy the open waters. So what are you waiting for? Start researching online now and find out how much for a pontoon boat that meets your needs! Thank you for reading our post from!

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